Vue therapy

You can free yourself of chronic pain!


How you move, stand, sit and carry yourself tells the story of your body.  It may be a narrative of injury, pain or repetitive strain, which result in an imbalance of movement, leading to continued discomfort. 


Yet our amazing bodies are capable of change for the better when directed properly.  The goal of Vue Therapy is to allow you to redefine the story your body tells to one of continual balance and ease of movement.


Vue Therapy offer the following therapies:

Release           Rebuild         Redefine
Yamuna®Body Rolling
Private Pilates training
Manual Therapy
Yamuna®Face Ball treatment
  1. Podiatheray: the non-surgical approach to eliminating foot pain. Addressing common foot pain issues such as plantar fasciitis, bunions, hammer toes, Morton’s neuromas, flat feet and fallen arches.

  1. Yamuna® Body Rolling to address multiple alignment issues.

  1. Private STOTT PILATES® training sessions to foster core strength  and general wellness.

  1. And other custom therapies based upon on your needs.

Vue Therapy is located in West Seattle, near the Fauntleroy ferry terminal and Lincoln Park.